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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

Melnor’s remote access services (the “Services”) include: (A) Melnor’s website,, or others that may be made available by Melnor or its affiliates from time to time (the “Website”); (B) the mobile device applications that may be made available by Melnor or its affiliates from time to time for use in connection therewith (“Mobile Apps”), and (C) the firmware, software and functionality that is embedded or contained in, or that may otherwise be provided by a Melnor product accessing the internet through a Wi-Fi connection to a router for use in connection with your Melnor product.

II. Usage and Access

Melnor’s Website, and the Mobile Apps used to connect with it, require access to your home network internet connection. The Services are provided on behalf of Melnor by third-party Mobile Apps and a third-party host web service. Your use of the Services is at your sole risk and solely for your own personal, non-commercial use. Neither Melnor nor its third-party providers guarantee that the Website and Mobile Apps are free of any viruses, nor that the Website and Mobile Apps are accessible and will function properly at all times.

You are responsible for any usage, message and data charges for downloading the Mobile Apps and using the Mobile Apps for the Services. You are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all communication connections and hardware required for access to and use of the Services.

III. Privacy

Privacy is very important to Melnor. This Privacy Policy applies to information that Melnor collects or that you provide to Melnor about you or your use of your Melnor product through your use of or registration for Melnor’s Website, the Mobile Apps, or your use of the Services. This Privacy Policy explains how Melnor collects, accesses, holds, uses and discloses this information. This Privacy Policy does not pertain to information collected in any other manner or offline. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means individually identifiable information about you.

IV. Information Collected by Melnor

Melnor collects certain Personal Information from you, your Melnor product, and your use of the Services (including any Mobile Apps). By using the Services, or by providing Personal Information to Melnor or its affiliates, you consent to the collection, storage, use, disclosure, sharing and processing of your Personal Information and other data as described in this Privacy Policy.

1. Information that You Provide to Melnor When you register your Melnor product or you register for the Services, whether through the Website or through the Mobile Apps, or when you send us emails or other communications (such as by filling out a form on the Website), you provide Personal Information to Melnor, including, but not limited to, your name, address, zip code, email address, and phone number, and other information (such as information about your use of our products).

2. Passive Collection of Information by Melnor

While you are on the Website, we may track information related to your use of the Website. This information may include, among other things, URL tracking information, information about your browser, your IP address, any files you download or view, your path through the Website, the date, time and frequency you spend accessing the Website and the length of time you spend reviewing certain features. This information is used to help us improve your experience and use of the Website. We may also track usage through cookies. A cookie is a small data file written to a user’s hard drive. Cookies may be used, among other things, to allow automated log-in and may contain information such as a login ID or other information about your preferences or internet use.

In addition, if you use a Mobile App, Melnor may automatically collect additional information from you related to your smart phone or other mobile device and your use of the Mobile App, including, without limitation, the numbers of times you access the Mobile App, your unique device identifier, email address, name, geo-location, mobile phone number, and may connect to your text messages or email or your contacts or address book to provide you with the Services.

Melnor may also collect information from your Melnor product in order to provide you with the Services, including monitoring your Melnor product’s operation and status.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, except as otherwise required by applicable law, Personal Information will not be deemed to include (i) information passively collected through the Website or a Mobile App, or (ii) aggregate or combined information (including information that relates to you but that does not specifically identify you).

V. Use and Sharing of Information Collected by Melnor

1. Internal Use

Melnor uses your Personal Information and other information that we collect from your use of the Website (including any emails you may send us) and Mobile Apps, and your Melnor product to provide you with Services, for troubleshooting and maintenance, to communicate with you about your account or Melnor product, or to offer you products and services related to your Melnor product.

Melnor also uses the information we collect to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to statistically analyze usage of the Website and Mobile Apps, to improve our content and offerings on the Website and Mobile Apps, to customize the content and layout of the Website and Mobile Apps, and to improve the Services.

2. Disclosure to Third Parties

Melnor never sells your personal information to third parties. Melnor may share your Personal Information and other information we collect from you with our affiliates or other third parties that provide us with services in connection with our provision of Services or that are otherwise acting on our behalf, such as hosting providers, call center operators, shippers, servicers, people who analyze data for us, etc.

Melnor may disclose your Personal Information and other information to our affiliates, advertisers or other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes related to your Melnor product (of which you may opt-out). However, even if you opt-out of our sharing, that opt-out does not apply to our sharing of your information (including your Personal Information and any information related to the Services, such as service desk tickets) with our affiliates or with third parties that provide services directly to you, Melnor or our affiliates in connection with our provision of the Services.

In addition, Melnor may aggregate or combine the data we collect from our users (which does not include your Personal Information) and share it with our affiliates and other third parties. This aggregated or combined data may be used by Melnor, our affiliates or the third parties for research purposes and for statistical purposes, among other uses.

Melnor reserves the right to disclose your information (including your Personal Information) when we have reason to believe that disclosing this information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing injury to or interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) Melnor’s rights or property, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities.

Melnor responds to subpoenas, warrants or other court orders regarding information concerning any users. We will, at our discretion, disclose information if we believe we are required to do so by law, believe that such disclosure is necessary to protect us from legal liability or believe we need to do so to protect someone’s safety or the integrity of the Website, Mobile Apps, or Services.

3. Opting-Out

You may opt-out from receiving marketing and promotional information from Melnor or having your Personal Information shared with third parties for marketing purposes by contacting us through the information provided below in “Contact Us”. You may opt-out of email marketing communications from Melnor by either (i) clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link provided in the applicable marketing email and following the directions provided, or (ii) contacting us through the information provided below in “Contact Us”. Note that even if you opt-out, Melnor reserves the right to contact you in the event of a service or safety notification, product updates or to respond to your communications with us.

VI. Security

Melnor is committed to maintaining the security of the data you provide us. However, please note that there is always some risk in transmitting information over the Internet. Because the Website, the Mobile Apps, and the Services are provided through wireless networks and the internet, when you use the Website, the Mobile Apps, or the Services, your communications may be intercepted by others. For this reason, Melnor cannot guarantee the security and privacy of wireless transmissions or transmissions via the internet, and we will not be liable for any lack of security relating to the use by you of the Website, the Mobile Apps, or the Services.

Melnor assumes no liability for the security of your mobile devices, computers and networks. Any mobile device, computer or network connected to the internet is at risk of being hacked.

You acknowledge that Melnor and it third-party affiliates and providers have taken commercially reasonable measures to ensure the privacy, integrity and security of the data entered by you when transmitting data between you and the servers that will store the data. Despite these measures, it is possible that there can be an unintentional breach in data security or an intentional, malicious breach by a third-party. You agree that you will not hold Melnor liable for any damages resulting from any loss of privacy or security occurring in connection with any communications over such networks.


VII. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Melnor’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please contact us at Melnor, Inc., 109 Tyson Drive, Winchester, VA 22603, or by phone: 540-722-5600.

VIII. Updates to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Melnor reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time, therefore, please check this page periodically. Use of the Melnor Website, the Mobile Apps, or the Services constitutes consent to any policies then in effect.

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